Sweet Maple And Playing Like The Big Leaguer’s

Sweet Maple And Playing Like The Big Leaguer’s

Stronger. Harder. Farther.  MLB Prime gives you the chance to swing the EXACT same bat as the big leaguer’s.  MLB prime is built with the best-quality veneer wood, Amish craftsmanship, 360 degree compression and bone rubbing process to increase surface hardness.

To guarantee they give you only MLB-quality wood, all of their Birch and Maple models feature the MLB ink Dot – giving you the strongest bat in the game. Birch gives you the best attributes of Maple and Ash, combining the closed-grain stiffness and hardness of maple and the lighter weight and turning model variety of ash.

MizunoBambooLooking for something to train with and is lighter on the pocket book?  The Mizuno MZB62, MZB331, and MZB243 provide maximum durability only offered by ultra-strong bamboo wood.  BBCOR certification allows use in high school and college play. Also functions as an excellent training bat. Save your high dollar bats for the game and buy one of these for the cages at http://www.cleatssports.com/wood/

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