Straight Up SKLZ Baby

Straight Up SKLZ Baby

Want to boost your skills this season and gain an edge on the competition?  Look no further than SKLZ… they’re bringing the tools you need to keep your SKLZ sharp and ready to play!  Here are a few of our favorites.


SKLZ Impact Baseballs

Constructed with proprietary pop-back material similar to the material used to make car bumpers, Impact Baseballs keep their shape and won’t crack like standard practice balls—even after thousands of swings. Built to provide instant feedback on contact, they help hitters tune their swings to find that all-important sweet spot.





SKLZ Softhands Foam Fielding Trainer

The Softhands foam fielding trainer dramatically improves baseball fielding skills and the transitioning from glove to throwing hand. The best way to get to a Golden Glove is to start with a flat one. Get the Softhands in the 4-piece Fielding Practice Kit and save on individual product retail prices.





SKLZ Hit-A-Way Baseball

The #1 baseball swing trainer is 10 years old and the 10th Anniversary version is available for a limited time. This trainer has a legacy for helping batters with their swing mechanics and hitting consistency. Velcro the two straps to any pole or tree to simulate real pitches for improved hand-eye coordination. Get hours of swing training without having to chase a ball.


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