To be Top of Your Game, Start at the Bottom

To be Top of Your Game, Start at the Bottom

Tips for fitting Shoes

Picking the right footwear for your activities is crucial to your performance and well-being. The right shoe will give you the support and protection you need to excel while preventing stress and injury. Proper fit is imperative.

Checklist for trying on shoes:

  • Don’t go just by the size that you think you are, measure your feet. A number of factors can change your size over the years. (This is especially important if you are fitting a youth for shoes.)
  • Choose the size that matches your larger foot. Yes. We all have one foot slightly larger than the other.
  • Try on shoes towards the end of the day, or after a work out. This is when your feet will be at their largest and you’ll get a better sense of how they’ll feel while your active.
  • Wear the same type of socks you’ll be wearing. Sock weight and style can tremendously affect the feel of your shoes.
  • Adjust the lacing to fit your feet. Simply re-tying the top eyelet will not give you the accurate feel for your foot.
  • They should be comfortable right from the start. There is no breaking in period. If it’s tight now, it’ll be uncomfortable later.
  • Make sure there is a firm fit on the heel. Try walking around, or sprint down the aisle to check for slippage.
  • Leave about half an inch space towards the front of the shoe. Wiggle those toes! Happy toes, make for a happy athlete.

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