Cleats’ Revolutionary Mizuno Glove Steamer

Cleats, the state’s premier Baseball and Softball Specialist, has once again raised the bar. If you have a new glove that’s too stiff and you just can’t seem to break it in, our new Mizuno Glove Steamer can help.

Mizuno, one of the world’s top baseball manufacturers, invented the Glove Steamer to assist with breaking in gloves. Mizuno is currently testing 3 Glove Steamers in the US market and has decided to place one at Cleats. The device breaks in new ball gloves by steaming and softening the leather. Once the glove is removed from the steamer, a Cleats associate will shape and soften the glove with a wooden mallet that simulates catching a ball. After steaming and conditioning the glove is practically game-ready.

Cleats has a vast selection of new gloves for players of all levels. Don’t forget to have your new mitt steamed!

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