Fastpitch Glove Buying Guide

If you are joining a fastpitch league or are preparing to coach a team in a fastpitch league then you will want to read through this fastpitch glove buying guide. Cleats Sports is the most affordable sporting goods store in Arizona when it comes to fastpitch gloves. The company sells five gloves that are perfect for the fastpitch player at any level of the game. The price range for the five gloves is as low as $54.99 and as high as $149.99. These prices will be incredibly difficult to beat at any other store.

One of the most important gloves is that of the catcher’s mitt. The catcher’s mitt in fastpitch is designed slightly different than the fielder’s gloves and costs $76.99 at Cleats Sports. The glove for sale is the Louisville Slugger TPS Valkyrie. It features a bruise pad to guard against bruising, a 34” fastpitch pattern and has a Velcro strap to latch the glove when the hand is inside.

The glove that sells for $149.99 is the Mizuno Classic 12” Glove. The glove is made from the throwback leather offered by Mizuno, which helps the glove hold onto its shape the longer you own the glove. The glove features an Ultra Soft Pro palm liner that protects your hand from bruising.

Two gloves that sell for $89.99 are the Mizuno MVP Prime 12” and 13” Gloves. Both gloves come only in one color, black, and feature the Ultra Soft Pro palm liner. The gloves also have an extra wide pocket and a secure fit for the fastpitch players on your team.

The $54.99 glove is the Mizuno Prospect Fastpitch Series Youth 12.5” Glove. This glove is perfect for young fastpitch players who are still learning the game and how to wear the glove the correct way. The glove features Power Close technology, making it easier for younger players to close the glove when the ball is inside.

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