Mizuno Swift G2 Shoe

The Mizuno brand is one of the most popular companies around today for baseball and softball players of all levels, offering hundreds of different products ranging from headgear to shoes. One of the company’s most popular shoes available today is that of the Mizuno Swift G2 Shoe. It offers excellent flexibility and comfort for the female fastpitch player in your family. The shoe sells for a very affordable $60 and comes in a variety of colors and sizes. You could even order the shoe in a dual color such as black and white or black and pink.

The Swift G2 Shoe is the perfect cleat to order for an entire team of fastpitch players. Since there are so many color inserts to choose from you can order cleats that either match the team color exactly or complement the team colors nicely. The color inserts are used to change the color of the Mizuno logo on the side of the cleats. These inserts come in 13 colors and can be used to match the uniform colors or complement them. Bulk orders are always available; especially when it comes to Mizuno products, so do not hesitate to order the cleats for your entire team when ordering uniforms.

The cleats have nine spikes on them, which makes for a very comfortable cleat when standing in them for a long period of time or running in them. Even though there are nine spikes the cleats are still very light and provide excellent traction to the dirt and grass that allows fastpitch players to run, bat and throw without the worry of slipping or falling down on the field. For all those who love to keep the environment safe, the cleats are made with materials that are safe for the environment. If you have never purchased a Mizuno product before, make your initial Mizuno purchase the Swift G2 Shoe.

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